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Help Wanted

Help Wanted: Current Employment Listings

Here is a link to the Contact form - Please type a bit of info about yourself and send a good email address and/or phone number.

Kitchen Manager - This is a 35 or more hour position. Making our awesome Donuts, creative and unique fudge, baking pies, plus inventory management, shift scheduling for kitchen helpers, research and development for new products, cleanup and compliance to regulations. Safe serv is good to have. Certainly a good knowledge of different modes of sanitizers and best food safety practices.  The farm stand gets busy at times and its hard to keep up. It's somewhat social supporting the sales staff. Not lonely.


Seasonal Farm Stand Help - We are looking for a full time sales, stocking, and food prep person from mid-August until Thanksgiving. Primarily on weekends. This is pretty fun job with lots of diverse responsibilities. We're looking for a responsible person who can do the following:

Prepare the stand for opening
Earnestly engage with the customers
Accurately run a register on busy days
Restock of apples and other fruits and vegetables
Prep retail food products
The schedule changes somewhat and during the season and sometimes we start at around 5AM for donut making and food prep. Regular shifts start at either 9AM or 1PM.
Skills needed include:
Ease and to use descriptive adjectives and vocally engage customers.
Ability to work quickly and accurately as the farmstand can get very busy.
Attention to visual details and farmstand aesthetics in order to keep the farmstand clean and attractive.
Ability to work both on ones own and with others in fairly tight spaces.
Experience in retail, bakery, or and/food prep is valued.
General familiarity with the orchard is helpful.
Pay is $13.50/hr. for the first year.


Assistant to the Directors, Event and Volunteer Coordinator - Are you a person who can use email, phone and texts to coordinate a volunteer force, greet and habituate the eager helpers, schedule and manage performers, parties, events and school filed trips? If so this is a great opportunity to show your chops. Work with our accomplished directors to help make this season fabulous.


Berry Picker - (starting July 4th) Picking raspberries is a sport of love. Picking them fast and accurately is farming. The blueberries and raspberries need picking almost every morning from when the berries are dry until the heat of the afternoon (9:00-2:00?). This type of picking is a noble act and good for the soul. Twelve dollars per hour, W2.  More pay and longer employment possible, depending on experience and temperament.


NOTE: We have no other open jobs at this time. BUT if you think you are a fit for any of these positions it would be good to send in a resume. Our employment season is mid-July through Thanksgiving. Unfortunately the apple season does not dove tail with the school year. Labor day is when we get very busy and on through October. There are no positions for just summer work. Which is too bad because there are very interesting people who ask to work here during August.

That said: In general we try to have a good time and earn the sense of accomplishment from a good day's work. We try to eat well and stay hydrated. The view is fantastic and interesting people are all around.


Unicorn - This job entails dressing like a two-legged handsome unicorn and proudly strutting around the orchard on weekends. Any unemployed actors out there?

Drop Pickers -  We constantly pick up, sort and use all of the ground apples in the PYO areas. Weekends and some weekdays September and October. Twelve plus a small piece work bounty.