Art In the Orchard 2017 featured 30 artists’ works on a half-mile walking trail. Video by community-based education expert and sense of place photographer, Sienna Wildfield (Sept 2017).

Link to the 2017 AiO Trail Guide (pdf)

Selected by the Jury for Art in the Orchard 2017:

Bernie Zubrowski – The Long Good Bye
Kamil Peters – Wink
Antoinette Prien Schultze – Arete
Piper Foreso – Easthampton’s Big Beautiful Wall
Bruce Hooke – Wind Field
Fielding Brown – Chinese Firecrackers
Lindsey Molyneux – Unicorn
Wade Clement – SUPERWEED
Eric Lintala – CELEBRATION
William Duffy – Embrace
Bob Turan – Geode Time Capsule
Harold Grinspoon – Wild Wood
Eileen Jager – Through The Looking Glass
Beth Crawford + Robert  Dickerman – Enso Reclaimed
Philip Marshall – Metro
Fletcher Smith – ATTN                            SPAN
Laurie Frazer – Shelter
Michael Melle – Refugees
Chris Plaisted – Jack Was Optimistic
Gary Orlinsky – Adanac
Mark Fenwick – Sheena: At the fight over the last fish
Trisha Moody-Bourbeau – The Eagle has Landed
Four Rivers Charter Public School students – Bumble Bee/Barn
Michael Poole – Our Tribe
Michael Tillyer – SLIM
Christopher Woodman – A2
Laura  Reinhard – Turning Pointe
Peter Dellert – Obsolete Oil Can Fountain
Beckie Kravetz – Reunion

Art In the Orchard 2017 Sponsors

Florence Bank
Easthampton Savings Bank
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Big E’s Supermartket
Wright Builders
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Dance Northampton
Integrity Development & Construction, Inc.
PV Squared
Construct Associates, Inc.
Platform Sports Grill (Union Station)
Finck & Perras Insurance Agency
Crestal Health Periodontics
Borawski Real Estate
Black Birch Vineyard
Patricia Bonner, DMD, LLC
Fierst, Kane & Bloomberg LLP
Silas and Linda Kopf
The Massage School
Goggins Real Estate
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Hampshire Gazette
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Nicole Zadykowicz
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Easthampton Media
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Goshen Stone Co.
Massachusetts Cultural Council

In Kind Sponsors and Donations
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Abandoned Building Brewery