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AIO'21 Call For Entries and Application Form


Hello artists!  We are excited about the possibilities and scale of the 6th Biennial Art In the Orchard. Please accept our sincere appreciation of your efforts to create and show your work. Our jury stands ready to see your work.

Before starting your application please read about the selection criteria and application guidelines in the Call for Entries.

Each artist may send up to three complete applications for three distinct works under one $20 entrance fee (waived for financial hardship). 

There are two ways to send in your application.

The best is to use this google form which will take a complete application and uploaded photos. A google account is required. This form will send AIO the application as a set ready for presentation to the jury.

The second way is to download this PDF application, type into the PDF and save it with the artist' name and name of the art in the file, e.g. David-Michaelangelo-1.pdf.  Then email the completed PDF and your pictures as attachments to 'support at'.


STEP #1 Read the application guidelines and selection criteria

STEP #2 Pay the $20 submission fee (use the Donate button on this page)
Fee will be waived for financial hardship

STEP #3 Fill out up to 3 Entry Forms


If you have any questions or need assistance please email 'support at' or call Jean-Pierre on 413-303-1603.