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Selected by the Jury for Art in the Orchard 2021:

(Mark) Fenwick, “Climbing Sustantaculum”
Beth A. Crawford, “PI + LOVE”
Bob Turan, “Square Dance”
Brian McQuillan, “Vida”
Chris Plaisted, “Composition #1”
Chris Woodman, “Rise & Shine”
Daina Shobrys, “Geranium”
Dave Rothstein, “Hoo Goes There?”
Diane Travis, B.Z. Reily, Julie Lapping Rivera, “Be A Ladder”
Eileen Jager, “Now Here – Through the Looking Glass Ladder”
Eileen M Travis, “The Poppy Field”
Joe Chirchirillo, “Earth Arch #2”
John Landino, “COCOONS”
Katie Richardson, “Arise”
Lindsey Molyneux, “The high wheel”
Madeline Calabrese, “Entangled”
Matt Evald Johnson, “Chimes”
Michael Poole, “Ursus Angularis”
Michael Tillyer, “Haley the Hula Hooper”
Niki Ketchman, “Pied-a-terre”
Pasqualina Azzarello, “The Influence of Confluence / The Vitality of Reflection”
Philip Marshall, “Distant”
Rachel Teumim et. al., “Through the Moongate”
Roberley Bell, “Blue Landscape”
Susan Arthur, “Tree Fungi”
Ted Hinman, “Garden of Delight”
The Fiberistas, “Fantastic Flower Bed”
Trisha Moody (Bourbeau), “Embrace”
William Brayton, “Anoatuk”
Megan E. Barry, “ESCAPE TO NATURE”

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