Short Video Trailer for Art In the Orchard 2022 (2:14) by MacPherson Christopher

   Gerald Clark: Stone overlay on the Labyrinth

   Fenwick: A fun and fantastical set of works in wood by the transcendental New England sculptor Mark Fenwick.

In between the Juried Biennial installations we put together a crowd pleasing invitational exhibition. We show some of the classic works from the past biennial and present a new themed show typically showcasing two artists. For 2022 we will feature Gerald Clark working with stone and Mark Fenwick with sculptures in wood. This fun and interesting show will contain over 30 works. We have nicknamed this year “The Hidden Gem” because these artists are among the most remarkable that we have run across in our twelve years and both deserve exposure and recognition. Something fun, something sad, a few head-scratchers and, who knows, some serious work that deserves a critical look by the art community.

Alumni Artists who currently have works on the grounds: Phil, Martie and Rachel Teumim, Maggie Nowinski, Harold Grinspoon, William Duffy, Eileen Jager, Megan E. Barry, Dave Rothstein et al., Peter Dellert, Katie Richardson, Matt Evald Johnson, Chris Woodman.